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My more sincere acknowledgments  to all of the producers and professionals of  wine .The same to the private  collectors who  allowed me to have today thousands of superb labels.

Many thanks also to Marcelle INGLESSIS, Henri MICHELET,  Jean-Pierre PEROT and the teams of Burgundy Oenographilie and ACE without who I will  not have started this adventure.



Bourgogne Oenographilie
association of collectors of wine's
labels and paper of inscription.
richly documented on the univers
of the wine and labels.      informations about tourism and wine    blog very useful of Yves STEFANI
giving all    information practise on the
meetings of exchange.  
Web-TV free and independent
dedicated to the world of the wine
and the gastronomy. Dynamics and daring, professional and original.  referencing of sites and d'annonces of  collectors  .     
Free site proposing more than 25000 foods/wines agreements.
websites of collectors
Directory of websites created by
associations or collectors of wine's
label in France and all over the world. Many informations about the world of wine superb  forum of discussion in french
langage about the world of  the wine.


Thanks and Links
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